What do women want you ask?.....Size...Performance..Confidence!
About Me:

I am a 25 year old from , I have been working as a Call Center Tech Support.

In my free time I spend my time surfing the internet or blogging about anything.

In this blog I want to tell you how I went from shy homebody. To finding the confidence to date cute girls in my area. Because of the pics I decided to hide my face.


free penis pills


free penis pills


Published By: Richard K.

Posted On: January 10, 2010

Tags: Dates, Girlfriends, Sex, Confidence

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Hi all I’m richard from , . Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog!

Lets take a break from the usual topics you see on blogs about sports gear, celebrities and other news, and other stuff that doesn't really make a difference in our lives. I created this blog because I want to talk about something different. Something Important!. Namely Women! I am going to tell you how I learned how to sleep with with almost any beautiful women that I meet. What I did any guy can do, if he knows what is required.

My Story

Now normally I would not tell anyone about this because it is a sensitive matter. Am I ashamed to talk about it to other guys, well I was at first, but I overcame it because I am online and nobody knows me anyway.

A few months ago I was dating a really cute girl. The relationship was pretty solid. Sex life was nothing special. We did it now and then like we were supposed to. Anyway one day she was talking with her girlfriend who mentioned her boyfriend had found a method to enlarge his penis and at the sametime increase his endurance and sexual stamina in bed. When she told me about what her friend had discovered. I told her that was bullshit.They were all full of it. There was no way of enlarging the penis that could not be done. I mean how would one do that anyway?? Especially not with some penis pills...?

After listening to her for a bit and arguing with her for a long while, I thought well I can research it online and see what gives. So basically what they were on about was these natural supplements that are free and available online.

What happened next

Maximum 10

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Anyway I ordered the products and they came two days later in the mail. The instructions say take once a day everyday. I posted the pictures of what I looked like before and what I look like after. Normally I would be to shy to post pics of my before and after online, but since I don't know you guys, and you don't know me, this blog keeps me anonymous.

THis is what my penis looked like before taking the Maximum 10.

free penis pills

I took the pills everyday, in the instructions it says how important it was to take them right before food, so I made sure to do that. I followed the instructions as in the manual and made sure to never skip pills.

My diligence paid off in less then 6 weeks I was now 2.6 inches longer and 0.5 inch wider in girth!

free penis pills

I have to say I am completley astounded. I can't take my hands off my new Huge penis. I find myself looking at it in the mirror admiring it. I find that my penis was healthier looking too. Whereas before I would avoid looking at my average size. With 2.6 inches longer and 0.75 inch wider I no longer feel inadequate. No wierd stretching exercises or pumps. Also during masturbation sessions, I am getting hard quicker and am experiencing a bigger ejaculation load! Somehow I feel stronger overall. The feeling is hard to describe!!

What has changed in my life today:

Despite the fact that I now have a huge penis, believe it or not, broke up with my girlfriend,(details will follow in my next post). Still I am very glad that my ex introduced me to these products, because the increase in sexual Stamina and performance is off the chart! Most importantly my confidence level has increased as well. There no longer is any excuse not to approach the hottest women out there, because I now know that I can deliver what they need in bed!! This has really changed my life, and I want as many guys as poeple to read this and change their lives too. You can trust me this stuff really works...!! Give it a try...You can get HUGE and Longer too!

Here is the product again. Try it you will love it, I know I did:

Maximum 10

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Give Maximum 10 a try...

11 Comments, Let me know what you think!
Posted On: 05/01/2010
I thought I would open up the comments so that you can ask questions or share your experiences too. Don't be shy let me know your experiences.

Posted On: 8/01/2010
Been using the products for a week and i love how it helped my my size and girth. they also really improved my sexual performance! Intenser organsms and bigger amounts. This stuff works wonders.
Will Osterman
Posted On: 09/01/2010
I am having problems with my confidence around girls. Because I know I am quite a bit smaller then you were - i'm checking these supplements, so far it's cost me under 10 bucks for shipping. Thanx bro!
Posted On: 11/01/2010
Need some help -- I have been using maximum extender kit but it's not working out for me. The stretching is causing my penis to hurt. How fast is this shipped out? How long do I have to wait
Posted On: 13/01/2010
Hey Isaac - When I first ordered it took them only 2 days to send it. Depends where you are. It takes a couple days bro, I would not recommend those stretching products, just stick with these pills, and you should see results.
John Turnbuse
Posted On: 14/01/2010

Rick, I have already been using these product for 2 months! I can't believe my size increase!

Peter Sounder
Posted On: 14/01/2010
Hi Richard. I Got my free trial in 3 days. Started using about 2 weeks ago. The results are staggering. This stuff really works. Welcome to the big penis club!!
Posted On: 16/01/2010

Hey Bro, I have been using for about 10 days, I am definitely seeing some impressive length gains . I hope to see gains on widths too..

Posted On: 16/01/2010
Great to hear success stories...I love it keep them coming... I love it when stuff works as it is supposed to.
Posted On: 20/01/2010
My boyfriend and I have been going out for a long time and I love him to death. But I wonder if this would help him in his confidence level. Richard you mentioned that it helped you alot in that area.
Posted On: 21/01/2010
Hello Jen. Yes it did. I gained alot of confidence due to the fact I was not inhibited by size issues. In your case I would just give it a try and see what happens. I am sure you both will be happy with the results.
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